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A Brainnest training project.


Orient is a luxurious sushi restaurant located in Paris, France. Busy, wealthy users needed a food ordering app to still enjoy Orient's food during their occupied schedules.

This project was noticed and selected by DesignRush, the leading trends and awards platform that has laureled brands such as Prada, FIFA, Fenty, Sefa, Spices and many others. They will be listing Orient amongst The Best Luxury App Designs in their upcoming article.

My Professional Role

I was the UX designer who worked on developing the user interface and flow. While working on the app, I communicated with professor Hadzi Marko and made iterations according to his suggestions and knowledge. I would say that this application was the turning point in my design. It is a perfect dedication to the brief as well as my own personal style.

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Welcome to
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The circular shape of the focal point mimics the logo of Orient and it simultaneously starts the user flow.

The importance of confirming an activated button is respected in this product.

Create your 
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Maintaining the circular shape stays true to the restaurant's brand identity. The swiping motion chosen creates an exciting way to choose your sushi elements. It is intuitive yet effective. 

Our user prioritises the price of their purchase no matter their financial status, therefor the price holds a position at the top of the page and owns a bigger font size than the other typography items on the screen.


The "x" buttons next to the food items chosen create space for error, as well as the forward and back buttons at the top of the page.

Complete your
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Familiar concepts like , adding to favourites, "tracking an order" or picking whether to get your food yourself, or having it delivered to your location were still included, though it maintains the same look and feel of the entire app.


The law of unity was greatly considered  in this situation.

What I learned

I learned about the importance of keeping navigational methods and icons familiar while still adjusting to the client's brand identity. 

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