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A Brainnest training project.


People with work related stress and/or anxiety often seek out relief, recognition and support. These user's need something that will improve their emotional well-being and
overall mental health.

My Professional Role

I was the UX designer who worked on developing the idea behind "Calming U". I created this project from scratch and experienced a lot of growth with this design.

iPhone 14 - 67.png
Let’s Calm Down 2.png

Simplistic yet playful was the approach in this app.

User's who are stressed don't need a strictly professional looking app, because that is what they need to be at their daily jobs. 

This innocent design can make the users feel nostalgic, and takes them back to simpler times, even just for a minute.

Loving-kindness meditation strenghtens feelings of compassion, kindness and acceptance.

Pick the petals of the flower while saying positive words about others or yourself. Inhale and exhale with each petal.
Fight discrimination and strenghten relationships in the workplace.

Don’t stress....png

We'll indicate when you activated a button.

iPhone 14 - 53.png
Time To ..png

Focused meditation promotes concentration using the 5 senses.

Stare at the candle, and count with the swaying flame.

Gain a clear view on time management, categorizing responsibilities, and preparing for presentations.

“Ohm... Ohm... Ohm... “.png

Mantra meditation is a technique that involves using mantras to relax the mind and help it focus.
A popular example is using the phrase “ohm” with breathing.
Inhale with the gust of wind and exhale with your soothing mantra.

Get rid of that job loss stress or general job pressure.

Get Some Sleep ..png

Struggling to sleep with all the pressure from your daily job?
Don’t worry,
our wave of progressive relaxation will lull you to sleep.
Close your eyes and enjoy the feel the water running through your body.

iPhone 14 - 57.png
iPhone 14 - 58.png
“Hey, want to talk_” ..png

When a user has an account on "Calming U", they can like and respond to other users' comments about their own work related stress and anxiety. They can talk about which meditation type helps them the best and they can even share their own tips and tricks for handling stress. This gives the user the ability to relate to others and find support.

What I learned

I learned that it is of great priority to include hierarchy into your design. Hierarchy creates definition and also help the user navigate through your product.

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